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Here Are the Takeaways of Governor Baker’s Speech

May 21st, 2020 Uncategorized

Governor Baker just had a big press conference about the plan to reopen Massachusetts- It’s 29 pages long and involves four separate phases, so Red Tree decided to cherry pick some key points for you to consider

Here’s the quick breakdown for phase one of reopening

Just in time for the weather for this wicked nice weather, beaches, parks, zoos and drive-in movie theaters will reopen next week.
Call your hair pro and make yourself an appointment
Businesses outside Boston can recall enough staff to fill 25% of their normal capacity on May 25, while Boston companies will be restricted until June 11
You can now go back to your place of worship
Construction and manufacturing jobs are allowed to resume, only if they can meet the state’s safety requirements

Here’s what you really need to keep in mind as this happens…

Please keep washing your hands and keep your social gatherings to under 10 people
Stay at home advisory as been changed to “safer at home” advisory and encourages you be responsible even though they are lightening up a bit
Baker also made a point that this is NOT a dramatic departure from where we are now
Essentially this means keep social distancing and don’t put anyone at risk if you don’t really need to

There’s no date set for phase two if the reopening, and it’s contingent on the COVID-19 numbers during phase one. So, we don’t really know when restaurants or anything hospitality related will resume

Lingering concerns

It remains to be seen in K-12 schools will reopen this fall, but they are working on a plan
Day cares are to remain closed for the foreseeable future but Mass is  expanding access to emergency child care and that only 35% of slots are taken.
They are developing safety standards for summer camps and they could possibly reopen in phase two
We still can’t visit family and friends in nursing homes or residential settings as older people and those with preexisting conditions are especially susceptible to COVID-19 and a large percentage of our states deaths from it has occurred in these facilities

When will our “new normal” begin?

Governor Baker’s phase 4 is contingent on there being an effective treatment or a vaccine to treat COVID-19
Some pharmaceutical companies are making headway, but its unlikely that there will be anything that can treat the virus before next year
Even when we reach Phase 4 the state’s plan calls for people at high risk of contracting COVID-19 to practice physical distancing, so the reality looks grim for anyone expecting things to return to how they were pre-Covid-19.




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