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Private Sales

Over the last 13 years, the most significant source of real estate conversions has been buying and selling properties on the open market through online and press publications. Before MLS, Trulia, Zillow, and other real estate syndicates, the sales market functioned through word-of-mouth when finding properties. We continue this practice in our private sales division, where our one goal is to operate with the utmost discretion.

Many sellers do not want their neighbors, family members, friends, and competitors to know they are selling a property. Others do not wish to alarm tenants or draw attention to their property for professional reasons, such as having relationships with multiple agents.

Buyers love this private sales process because it is far less competitive. On the open market, millions of potential buyers would see the listing fully advertised. In contrast, a private sale property might have a pool of prospects in the hundreds. This “break” in the competition gives the buyers more privacy as well as more time to analyze and walk through the property.

This process usually offers fewer inspection and mortgage contingencies, but we always focus on protecting our clients. By working with Red Tree Real Estate, you will benefit regardless of whether you are a seller or a purchaser.