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First-Time Home Buyers

If you’re interested in buying your first home, congrats! You’re already on the right path.

Trading rent for mortgage payments might financially be the smartest decision you will ever make. Your debt will shrink as your equity grows, and you’ll have the opportunity to use your property ownership as a catalyst for financial stability. 

In real estate, as in life, you should surround yourself with protective, responsive, and hard-working individuals. As a first-time buyer, you mortgage lender, home inspector, attorney, and most importantly, a qualified real estate agent are all necessary to guide you through the process. Each plays an important role in protecting your best interest.

Your mortgage broker begins the process by providing the free service of gathering your financial information needed to understand your “buying power”  in what is known as a pre approval and determine the optimal range of monthly payments for you. From there, your real estate agent is your strongest ally.  From touring properties with you to providing market analysis of home values, they will answer any questions you have about the buying process, where to add value and general guidance on how you can prepare for the future dealings that homeownership comes with such as repairs. 

After you’ve had your offer accepted, we’ll help find you a trusted inspector to look closely at the mechanics, structure and appliances of the property, ensuring your investment is comfortable for you.  Once you determine the home passes your quality after inspection an attorney is hired to produce an additional document called a Purchase and Sale Agreement. This document protects the best interests of the seller and buyer in a “mutually agreeable” contract. Once that is signed it is standard to put down an additional deposit of 5% at that time to move forward with the arrangement to close.  Once you have a fully executed p&s (purchase and sales) document you work hand-in-hand with the lender to finish your qualifications.  Finally, you will sit down with your attorney and the bank to sign the purchasing documents.

Picture the special day when you receive keys to your own home, your very first home. A home is substantial. It is a stable investment. It can be updated, improved-upon, and most importantly, enjoyed.


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