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Audrey Mazzola

Operations Manager | Real Estate Professional

My name is Audrey Mazzola, and I was born and raised in Massachusetts. My real estate career began as an operational manager for a firm, and I quickly found out I have a knack for hunting for homes and personalized client service.

I can usually be found at my desk, answering emails and establishing relationships with property owners across Greater Boston. What sets me aside from other agents is my commitment to delivering the best customer service. I am a very dedicated agent, and I put my whole heart into making my clients feel successful at the end of their experience. I prioritize a seamless, stress-free process. I answer questions and concerns promptly.

When I’m not at my desk, I can usually be found strolling around Coolidge Corner with an ice cream cone in hand. I live locally and truly love this city and all its wonderful neighborhoods.

Reach out to me any time—I am always available via email or phone to chat.

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