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Living your best life in Somerville...

Arguably the coolest neighborhood in the Greater Boston Area. If you know, you know.


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  • South Station 20m by train, 15m by car
  • North Station 30m by train, 12m by car
  • Boston Commons 17m by train, 15m by car
  • Harvard Square 5m by train, 13m by car

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  • Red Line
  • Orange Line
  • Commuter Rail


  • East to West Medford to Charlestown
  • North to South Mystic River to Cambridge
  • Nearby Neighborhoods Cambridge, Charlestown


Historically, Somerville had the reputation for being a solid blue-collar city. The turn of the century found a huge influx of European immigrants and Somerville was settled by and large by their working-class population. Over the years, this densely-populated industrial town turned modern and hip. It’s old buildings and warehouses were repurposed into apartments and artist space. With a punk-rock DIY spirit, the grit of this city reveled a unique patina that oozed in cool. Jumping at the opportunity, investors and developers fortified Somerville as a destination neighborhood to live in

Housing options here are slightly varied, but the majority is multi-family housing. Many of the spacious and sturdy homesteads of the large immigrant families of old have been refurbished and renovated into valuable rentals and condos. There definitely some single-family options out there as well, be prepared to pay handsomely. The median home value in Somerville is around $771,479 while the median rent cost is around $2,700


Somerville’s eclectic and hip dining scene has been at the forefront of Somerville’s transformation over the years. Everyman neighborhood mainstays like The Rosebud and Kelly’s Diner found itself surrounded by international eateries, ultra-hip cocktail bars and gastropubs. Somerville bars and restaurants are always high on the list when the yearly “Best of” awards come out. With Davis Square leading the way, Somerville has truly become an east coast destination for nightlife and dining. (Cocktail and food pic I’ll get) (shot of the Rosebud Diner)



Given the funky and somewhat irreverent reputation Somerville has earned in recent years, it’s not surprising to find some unique and quirky things to occupy your time. Attractions like The Museum of Bad Art and historical gems like the Somerville Theatre  are scattered around Somerville for your entertainment. (Somerville Theatre shot, The Museum of Bad Art shot)

Somerville offers an astounding 64 parks for its residents to enjoy. With all these parks and recreation options, Somerville has a real neighborhood feel and a communal vibe.  The Minuteman Commuter Bikeway connects any would be commuter to the public transit system, making Somerville a great place for city dwellers wanting to stay close to nature.


The music scene in Somerville is definitely next level. Hit Union or Davis Square on any given night and you’ll find some of Boston’s best musicians jamming in some of the area’s most intimate settings. Bull McCabe’s, Thunder Road and The Burren just to name a few, showcase everything from reggae, traditional Irish music and rock n roll. Every year the Sommerville Arts Council hosts its Porch Fest. This event attracts both professional and amateur musicians from far and wide to hold impromptu outdoor, indoor and street side concerts all over the city. It’s like a rolling free festival that uniquely captures the spirit of this one of a kind place.

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